Professional Website Translation

Kolammedia can make your products accessible to everyone.

Localization is the process of adapting a product to meet the language, cultural and other requirements of a specific target environment or market

Kolammedia can work on nearly every commercially available hardware and software platform. For proprietary environments, it develops filters for extracting and reinserting text, exploiting open technologies like XML and UNICODE.

The strengths of our localization process include:

  • Well-tested, reproducible methodologies
  • Careful attention to the terminology and style of your existing text
  • Translation in environments equipped with spell checkers, translation memories and terminology management
  • Complete compliance with international standards and industry terminology
  • In-house product testing
  • Experience in localizing millions of words for major software producers

Some Practical Examples

Kolammedia can localize:

  • User interfaces (menus, dialogue windows, alerts, screenshots, etc.)
  • On-line help in any format
  • Product manuals in FrameMaker®, PageMaker®, QuarkXPress®, PDF, Microsoft Publisher®, Interleaf, LaTeX, etc.
  • SAP and WEB applications
  • Kolammedia can also integrate translation into your Content Management applications.