Multilingual Desktop Publishing

As part of document translation services, Kolammedia has built up extensive multilingual desktop publishing experience in all of the most popular authoring software solutions used to create source language documents. In addition to developing DTP best practices for all popular authoring applications, Kolammedia also provides training and consulting in key desktop publishing software solutions.

At Kolammedia, we lead the way in providing comprehensive multilingual desktop publishing services, which include:

  • Formatting and layout of localized materials matching the original, complying with target-language standards
    Generation of PostScript and PDF files for online and print publication
  • DTP quality assurance checks
  • Creation and maintenance of specific target-language DTP and typographical guidelines
  • Creation of templates and document designs for producing online or printed PDF outputs
  • Extraction of content for translation from any DTP application or format
  • Extraction of content for translation, where original editable source material does not exist
  • Design and implementation of single-sourcing solutions
  • Migration of authoring to structured XML-centric processes based on standards such as DocBook or DITA

Any Tool, Any Platform

At Kolammedia, we have the ability to work with any DTP or graphics applications that exist on Windows and Macintosh platforms. These include:

Adobe® FrameMaker®
Adobe® Photoshop®
Adobe® Illustrator®
Adobe® InDesign®
Adobe® Acrobat®
Enfocus PitStop
Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint)


Kolam Media is comprised of a cohesive team of professionals consisting of XML, InDesign, Graphic Designers, Quality Controllers, Network Engineers, HR Executives and Software testers.

Our built up work area is more than 3000 square feet. A large area as such helps all the staff to work unclogged. The office is provided with adequate storage facility with all safety and security modules instated.


  • Over 40 Work Stations at present with a plan to increase up to 120.
  • Laser Jet, Desk Jet and other printers etc.
  • High Speed Scanners, and Hard Disk capacity of more than 1024 TB.
  • Adequate Data Backup with CD Writer, Zip Drives etc.
  • Servers: Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Windows NT, Linux
  • High speed Internet access, and Cable connection as backup for Internet
  • Modem, Routers, FTP and all necessary facilities

Human Resource

  • 6+ Highly skilled & experienced personnel
  • Round the clock work on 24/7 basis
  • In-house technical support